Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Al & Mick's Bar-B-Q (5/10) - 88175 US Highway 278 Snead, AL 35952

Al & Mick most likely grew up as huge Lone Ranger fans. They have committed their lives to one day opening a restaurant where The Lone Ranger, accompanied by his companion Tonto and his trusty horse Silver, would love to eat. Al & Mick want to serve one of the most barbaric and natural forms of meat possible, barbecue. Congrats Al & Mick. You have succeeded in fulfilling this dream, all while brashly naming the restaurant after yourself in Snead, Alabama.

Al & Micks is an ideal pit-stop for any hungry travelling nomad who finds themself in the middle of nowhere Alabama. The restaurant is all-wood. Al & Mick don't care if barbecue restaurants are constantly in jeopardy of burning down because these are real men. Real men who love The Lone Ranger. There is even a wooden railing out front for patrons who need to tie up their equines. Because real men ride horses when they are on the hunt for food. Real men also want their patrons to feel as masculine as possible while dining on meat. The inside of the wooden cabin is also wood. Animal heads adourn the walls because Al & Mick want you to feel as if you are in their hunting cabin. Do you think Al & Mick grace their patrons with trophies such as stuffed bears, mountain lions, panthers, and buffalo heads? No, they are proud of something even more dangerous and intimidating than any of those. A Jack-A-Lope skull.

Based on the recommendation from our friend at Dale's, we anticipated a wide assortment of smoked meats on the menu. Instead, the menu offered a pork sandwich in addition to other American-inspired dishes such as meat loaf and hot dogs. Another whiteboard on the wall illustrated Al & Mick's special of the day - ''lime congealed salad - $1.50". No chance. The Lone Ranger is rolling in his grave in fury. We ate our $2.75 sandwich and my old lady generously took care of the bill. I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of the food due to my amazement and curiosity over the salad special. The sandwich was decent at best, almost on par with Starr's Real Pit Bar-B-Que, and at $2.75, almost anything is a fair value.

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