Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dale's BBQ (6/10) - 10850 AL Highwawy 168, Boaz, AL 35957

M-Sa: 10a-7p
(p) 256.593.1168

35 miles further up the road we approached an advertisement for Dale's BBQ, a guiding light that directed us towards our next destination on our way to Big Bob's Barbecue in Decatur. The stand-alone restaurant houses a double lane drive-thru to better serve its mobile customer base since there is no inside eating area.  Dale's is the first barbecue restaurant I visited that offered the mystic Alabama white barbecue sauce that I had read little about.  Knowing that the main component of the sauce is mayonaisse made me a little doubtful whehter it would complement the flavors of a smoked pork sandwich.  Our server in the window was excited to talk us about the restaurant. At the time, we didn't know how many barbecue joints we'd stop at on our way with the exception of our most anticipated stop (Big Bob's) at the tail end of the trip, so we went rather light and split a large pork sandwich. Rather than share a sandwich in a car, we decided it would be best to pull over, eat our sandwich at the provided wooden tables set-up out front, and convince our server to sit outside with us and chat us up about the restaurant and her love life.

The pork had great consistency, moisture and evena deep smoky flavor to boot. The combination of moisture and the reddish-pinkish looking meat might concern some that the meat served is raw although it definitely is not.  Dale's smokes its shoulders for 15 hours in its Southern Pride smokers overnight with the use of hickory wood. The sandwich was delicious -- not too much fat in the meat and there was a good amount of outside bark from the shoulder in the sandwich as well. The anticipated white sauce tasted more like a tartar sauce -- I was even a little wary of what other elements/flavors were lurking in it as well --  that I'd rather put on a Maryland crab cake, but I dunked a few bites deep in it anyways for the experience. If I'm ever within an hour of Dale's again, I'd definitely stop for more sandwiches.  Before we parted ways, the waitress advised us to make another barbecue pitstop at Al & Micks Barbecue in Snead, Alabama near the intersection of route 75 and US Highway 278. Taylor surprising knew the area and led us towards our next destination.

Please note that Dale's only serves ribs on Friday & Saturday.

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  1. White sauce is for chicken almost exclusively


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