Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Full Moon Bar-B-Que (7/10) - 525 25th St S Birmingham, AL 35233

Exhausted and ready to get back to a normal routine, I had decided to make one final stop at Full Moon Barbecue in Birmingham, AL.  Keeping to the routine, I ordered a sliced pork sandwich and a full rack of ribs knowing that my old man would appreciate any leftovers from the trip.  The sandwich was massive with pork sliced so high that my appetite came roaring back from its slumber.    Sandwich was really good - especially since it came with Full Moons Famous Chow-Chow and some sliced pickles.  In defeat, I decided to have the slab of ribs boxed to go since I lacked the willpower to put the sandwich down.  Ribs tasted on par with Dreamland, not smoked enough, not tender enough.  Sauce was really good so it made up for the subpar quality of the ribs.

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  1. Full Moon did to the bbq chicken sandwich what John Candy did to 'Cool Runnings'... made it legendary


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