Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Joint (10/10) - 801 Poland Ave, New Orleans, LA 70117

After eating at 13 restaurants over the previous 3 days, I believed that I had earned a relaxing weekend New Orleans.  Accompanied by Michael "Murphmania" Martin Murphy and Todd "the Bod" Borenstein, two of my friends from my glory days at Wash U, we headed towards a local barbecue restaurant - The Joint.  Operated by the Magically Piglicious competitive barbecue team, The Joint is a small yellow building located in an area of New Orleans that I imagined drowned during Katrina. The number of nearby liquor stores and payday lenders barely exceed the number of locals who aimlessly wander around the neighborhood on foot.  

I entered The Joint with the expectations of having detailed conversations with the staff in an effort to better to understand their history and operations.  Barbecue owners had previously been very friendly, so when I thought about the culture and friendliness of the the New Orleans locals, I definitely anticipated being in for a real educational treat.  The staff at The Joint couldn't have cared less about talking about barbecue or their specific operation.  The only thing I learned is that The Joint, just like The Brick Pit, uses pecan wood in their indirect smoker.  I loved The Brick Pit so I was hoping The Joint would be great as well. 

I ordered the three meat plate (pulled pork, ribs, and brisket) and added a side of sausage to the plate once I learned that the sausages were locally made.  I also ordered potato salad for the first time in my life.  I figured that potato salad is a staple in any barbecue restaurant and I had to get over being repulsed by yellow covered potatoes.I first tried the sausage.  Although the sausage was not up to par with what I have previously eaten in the Hill Country near Austin, they were still good, firm and spicy.  

I then tried the brisket, ribs and pork.  The brisket had a near perfect consistency and a great flavor where the cap had been rendered and caramelized in the smoke.  The loin back ribs were also incredibly tender. The pulled pork was tender and lean.  Its rare to eat at a restaurant where nearly everything you put in your mouth is delectable and everything that I ate on its one (sans the sausage) would have made me love The Joint.  Looking back on the experience, The Joint serves the best brisket that I've ever tried; better than The Salt Lick, Kreuz, Opies, etc. -- pretty much anything I have ever tried in Texas.    

My only regrets are that I got full too quickly and I didn't buy a shirt or a bottle of their sauce.

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  1. Not a single mention of Murph by name? Rough berns. and I can't believe you tricked me into thinking I was full before I could order another rack of ribs. still pissed

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