Thursday, September 3, 2009

Macon Road Bar-B-Que (6/10) - 2703 Avalon Rd, Columbus, GA 31907

Day Two: I arise and head to the nearest gas station to load up on some $325 million Mega Million lottery tickets cause what's an unemployed man to do but spend his cash on lottery tickets, barbecue, and liquor?

Macon Road Bar-B-Que is a quaint family-owned restaurant with over forty years under its belt. I can without a doubt state that this is the best smelling restaurant I've ever sat stood foot in. The fat drips directly onto the burning wood over Macon Road's open-pit, allowing the smell to carry throughout the restaurant.
With some careful maneuvering, I position myself in to get the best view possible. Macon Road smokes with either hickory, pecan, or oak - depending on what it has in stock. Scouting the menu, I decide on the two meat plate: ribs and chopped pork please -with sides of Brunswick stew and barbecue slaw. Macon Road's first attempt at delivering my food was fairly poor, as a plate of chipped pork (extremely chopped - grotie) and ribs came to the table.
Reminding the waitress of my original order, she took the food and later returned with a three-meat plate, offering a healthy portion of the chipped beef on top of my original requests.

Macon Road will be memorable to me for three reasons (the first being the heavenly smell stated above). The second will be for the amount of sauce already placed over my food. The plate looked identical to what it would look like if I had been to an all-you-can-eat barbecue buffet. Close your eyes and picture huge spoonfuls of meat filling each cavity of a plate with a final heavy dosage of sauce on top. That is the best way to prepare for Macon Road. Finally, most barbecue establishments serve the Brunswick stew in a side container or bowl. Not here. Fill up the thin recess in the styrofoam plate just like they do to any of the sides. What a wet and sloppy clusterfuck of a dish. The barbecue slaw was basically slaw with more barbecue sauce in it, something I needed more of on my plate. The cubed pork and babyback ribs were very good, both moist and full of smoke flavor, and considering that I don't like chopped or chipped pork, expectations were low and I was neither impressed nor disappointed.

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  1. Mr. 3rd, if you don't like the chopped, just order the sliced. Please don't dis the restaurant just because you didn't order what you wanted. Thanks.

  2. Mr. Anonymous, he did not order the chopped. He ordered the cubed, and chopped was brought to him by mistake. He clearly described the cubed pork as being very good. Please learn to read. Thanks.


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