Thursday, September 3, 2009

Martins (Pig Country) BBQ House (7/10) - 752 Highway 165, Fort Mitchell, AL 36856

Driving alongside Ft. Benning, I approached Martin's BBQ House, a quaint rustic wooden cabin with a covered front deck. As camouflaged as the soldiers out front thought they were, I still spotted them sitting around a wooden table. Any barbecue place good enough for for our Nation's Finest is good enough for me. My car fishtailed off the road in dramatic fashion as it pulled into the gravel driveway out front.

Inside, I perused the menu with Army-themed combo meals (i.e., Ranger Combo, Pilot Platter, etc.). The name Martin's had been covered by a sign that said, Pig Country - perhaps they quit while in the process of rebranding.  I ordered the BBQ Pork Sandwich, another incredible value for $2.75, and headed out to the front deck to enjoy the Alabama sunshine.  The coarsely chopped pork was succulent and had an enjoyable smokey flavor.  The sauce was a sweetened mustard and it subtlely complimented the sandwich. Every bite was as consistent as the previous, and I felt fairly emasculated when put the last remaining bites of the sandwich in a togo bag in front of the troops.
I'd have to try more dishes before giving this restaurant a higher score than 8.

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  1. Sounds like a find! How was the fat content of the chopped pork? The photo looks like there might be a little in there.


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