Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oglethorpe Barbecue (3/10) - 1956 Highway 49 S, Oglethorpe, GA 31068

The route from Macon to Oglethorpe Barbecue takes one along the Andersonville Trail, Route 26. What is now a scenic journey through rural Georgia was once home to the most depressing and inhumane prisons in United States history. Reading a chowhound discussion board about Georgia Barbecue, one person posted about his/her family's fascination and obsession with the barbecue at Oglethorpe. Directly in-between Columbus and Macon, it appeared logistically to be a great final stop before I settled in for some shut-eye in Columbus.

The pork, much like at Fincher's, had been pulled and/or chopped and then had been left to simmer in a bath of barbecue sauce. The sauce had therefore congealed itself to the meat, masking any true smoky flavor that might have once been distinguishable. The meat to bread ratio was pretty miserable as well.  Andersonville Prison was closed by the time I drove by so a picture from the distant would have to do.

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