Thursday, September 3, 2009

Satterfield's Barbecue - 120 New St., Macon, GA 31201

Pulling into a rainy Macon, GA, I feel optimistic about the rest of my afternoon. It's approximate 4pm, and I have approximately 115 miles left to traverse across the state before crashing in Columbus, GA for the night. On my agenda, Satterfield'ss Barbecue (Macon), Finchers Barbecue (Macon), and Oglethorpe Barbecue (Oglethorpe/Montezuma/Andersonville).

Satterfield's came recommended from Annie Katz, a one time local townie from Macon who is now working towards earning her doctorate in medicine from Tulane. She is a well travelled woman and her recommendation comes highly regarded. Annie fails to inform me that Satterfield's closes is open daily until 3pm, and I missed my opportunity by a little more than an hour. With well manicured shrubbery out front, Satterfield's appears to be a small independently standing structure that looks like an incredible joint to eat pork sandwiches and knock some lunch-time beers back with friends. The pretentious Satterfield pig is having quite a dandy time up on their sign. The pig is ensconced in a thick green velvet chair, one arm akimbo while his left hand grips a gold cigarette lighter the pig is in process of smoking. He's dressed in his best three-piece suit, one I imagine at one point in time was fashionable here in the South: a white jacket is worn over a green & gold vest and his bottoms are covered by black/white striped pants. Further examination reveals a red tie and finely polished piggy hooves. Well played Satterfields. I hear its the best in town so I'll be sure to readjust my plans next time around your schedule.


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  1. Boo...this place stinks! Who closes at 3? What about the smoking, drinking, velvet ensconsed piggies who want a tasty sandwich late night. I hope you threw a brick through the window.


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