Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bone Lick Park (6/10) - 75 Greenwich Ave., New York, NY 10014

I landed in New York last Wednesday in preparation for a Thursday interview.  First step, shave the beard and get a haircut.  Per Nikki's roommate's advice, I got cleaned up at a place off Perry and 7th Avenue.  The bill came to $30+ but I only had $27 in the wallet.  I offered an Amex but the place only accepted Mastercard/Visa.  Oh so unfortunate for them.  Nikki stole my debit card (Mastercard) when I was in Austin the previous weekend so the place's only option was to either hold me ransom or accept the $27.  The latter was easier so they let me go on my way.  I decided to spend my recent gains at this barbecue joint I passed on my way to the barber -- Bone Lick Park on the intersection of Greenwich, 11th St., and 7th Avenue.  Although I have previously passed this place multiple times without hearing any sort of recommendation or warning about the food, I decided there was no better time to step in and try a bite of barbecue.

The inside decorum was decent: a huge Coca-Cola sign is lit behind the counter, the booths look like a 1950's diner, and a stack of cherry and apple wood were piled near the doorway.  The waiter strategically placed me at a table by the window and was a little surprised when I ordered a pulled pork sandwich before looking at the menu.  I asked if I could sample a bite of brisket, and he complied after pretending to ask his manager in the back for permission.

The portions on the sandwich were very generous.  The pork was moist and was pulled into thick chunks.   A sauce covered the meat and an extra layer of dry rub was then applied over that.  I pulled an unsauced piece of pork from the bottom of the pile and pulled it to my face.  It was genuinely nicely smoked and flavorful.  The place smokes with apple and cherry so the smoky flavor was a little more sweet and less bitter than the hickory and oak smoke I had become accustomed to trying.  The coleslaw tasted very fresh so I piled that upon my sandwich as well.  Nikki, Megan, and I had dinner plans in a few hours, but I was hoping I could sneak a pork sandwich into my plans in advance of our meal.  The bread tasted like an onion roll, very soft and buttery, and complimented the meat nicely.  The sandwich was great and worth it.

The brisket was also nicely smoked and had a nice smoked flavor to it.  If I returned to Bone Lick Park in the future, I'd consider ordering brisket on my sandwich rather than pork for the sake of comparison between the two.

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