Monday, October 5, 2009

Jim & Nick's Barbecue (6/10) - 220 Oxmoor Ct., Homewood, AL 35209

Per Max's suggestion, I headed a few miles down Oxmoor until I reached Jim & Nick's Barbecue on the right.  The restaurant was large and rather nice and clean compared to the other barbecue joints I was accustomed to visiting.  After surveying the restaurant, I decided to take a seat at the bar and order a pint of Sweetwater 420 on draught.  While I reviewed the rather expensive and expansive menu, I asked my waitress/bartender whether Assum was in.  He appeared from the back a few minutes later and we talked about barbecue and how Max had sent me his way.  Assum appeared to appreciate the honor and told me that he would put together a large plate of their meats for me sample.          

Pictured (Clockwise From Far Back Left): Ham, Turkey, Baby Back Ribs, Spare Ribs, Coursely Chopped Pork, and Brisket.

Ham: Extremely moist, salty, but lacked any hickory smoked flavor.

Turkey: Solid smokiness and good texture/moistness.  But let's be serious, turkey isn't going to sway my opinion in any direction.

Baby Back & Spare Ribs:  I liked the barbecue sauce that congealed with the juices from the ribs, but they both lacked a authentic slow cooked hickory flavor that I was hoping they would contain.  Between the two, I preferred the spare ribs.

Pork:  Solid smoky undertones and lean cut portions of meat.  If had the appetite, this was the meat that I would have piled on a peace of bread.

Brisket:  I was definitely excited to hear from an employee that the brisket was one of the best meats offered by Jim & Nick's.  Once I picked up and examined a slice of the brisket, I was quickly reminded that I was still in the southeast - pork country.  The entire cap was sliced off the meat, and only a little piece of each slice had any bark on it.  It was fairly pathetic looking.  It had a better taste than most briskets I've tried in Alabama/Georgia but was still nothing to be proud of.

I thanked the waitress and Assum for the hospitality, and headed west towards Mississippi.

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