Monday, January 4, 2010

Daddy D'z (2/10) - 264 Memorial Drive, Atlanta, GA 30312

After a lengthy hiatus from eating and subsequently documenting my barbecue sabbatical, I realized that I owed it to my barbecue loving brethren to hit the road to continue my search for the best  food.  Daddy D'z, a barbecue and blues joint located in Southeast Atlanta next to Oakland Cemetery on Memorial Drive, has quite a local following after earning numerous crowns as the city's best barbecue.  While Daddy D'z may have at one point served superior barbecue, this barbecue joint definitely missed the mark on the day I visited.

My ladyfriend's roommate, Allie -- daughter of the Showerdome, had previously driven past the restaurant and her interest was definitely piqued.  She raved about the sweet smells of smoked wood and stated on numerous occasions that she wanted to accompany my journey when I'd eventually make it to Daddy D'z.  We pulled up and I was able to experience what Allie had raved about.  The aromatic smells awakened my appetite and I loved the decorations around the restaurant's exterior.  The interior was separated into two adjacent hallways: the first housed a stage for live blues performances while the second served as the main dining room.    Overall, the place was basically in a state of disrepair and I expected nothing more a barbecue restaurant on Memorial Drive.

After a long break from barbecue, I was ready to jump in full tilt.  Allie ordered the combination plate while I requested a plate that would allow me to try ribs, pulled pork, and chicken.  For sides, I settled on collared greens and sweet potatoes.  My food appeared and based on my first impression, I was definitely expecting to be disappointed.   The ribs looked and felt undercooked, the quarter chicken appeared baked rather than smoked, the smell of smoke was mysteriously missing from all the meats and in its place was the sour smell emitting from the collared greens.  No matter at which angle I positioned my plate, the smell dominated our table and my sense of smell throughout the course of the meat.

It didn't take but a few bites for me to hypothesize what might be the story behind this disappointing experience.  Daddy D'z has most likely been plagued by a downturn in business and has decided to make the unfortunate business decision to cut its costs in production.  If the restaurant either purchases a lower quality of meat or decides to use less wood in the smoking process in order to save money, it will most likely enter the dreaded downward cycle of producing a worse product which will cause customers to turn elsewhere for comparable food.  The food was on the verge of inedible.  Allie, disappointed and frustrated, agreed with my thoughts about all the different meats.  The one upside to our trip was that we were able to try smoked pork egg rolls, which were average at best.

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  1. You are an idiot. Next time you go to a barbaque restaurant try not hold your fat nose so high in the air. The owner has been cooking barbeque for over 17 years, and everything is smoked. (NO baking and yes they use real fire wood lots of it) I really love critics such as yourself who have never worked in the restaurant buisness before. All of your guessing as to cost cuts is so far from the truth. How about someone comes to your mom's house for dinner and spits in her face. I would at least enjoy that more than your shitty review and pictures.

  2. little does anonymous know that you are one to quickly spit in someone else's face

  3. Will you comment on more of my posts? Your first diatribe just got printed and posted on the wall at work.

    And I never claim to be anything more than an amateur barbecue enthusiast with a passion for eating a lot of smoked meat (specifically places OTHER than Daddy Dz cause it was not good) who gives hypothetic assumptions and fun imaginative backstories (which are stated) about each location. Rather than vent at me, why dont YOU get a job in the barbecue business and help this place out. They're in need of your expertise.

    And yes Tee, I have spit at people in the past.

  4. Anonymous sounds like he might be "Big Meech."

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