Saturday, January 30, 2010

Spiced Right BBQ (08/10) - 5364 Lawrenceville Highway, Lilburn, GA 30075

Spiced Right has been serving the Tucker-area residents slow smoked barbecue for better than the last 20 years.  The restaurant is located a few miles outside the perimeter off of Lawrenceville Highway, and because I hardly frequent this  area, I decided to head out in the late afternoon so I could stockpile on a large quantity of food that I could snack on over the next 24 hours.

I was pleased  to learn that Spiced Right offered the basic staples one would expect in a traditional barbecue joint.  I was opportunistic on my trip out to the area that I'd be able to sample the restaurant's pork, ribs, and brisket.  I placed an order for the 2-meat dinner plate (brisket, pork, corn souffle, and corn slaw) and courageously ordered an additional half-rack of St. Louis-style spare ribs with french fries and fried okra.

The ribs had a beautiful bark that encrusted a moist and well cooked  meat.  Even before I lifted my first rib to my mouth, I was excited for the flavor to follow.  The meat of the ribs required only a slight tug to pull it from the blade, a great indication that the meat wasn't over- or undercooked.  The flavor of the ribs was great and there was a sweet and smoky flavor throughout.  There was also a thick black bark along the outer edge of the thick-cut beef brisket.  The beef was fortunately cut against the grain, but the meat too easily shred with the slightest effort.  The outer bites that contained traces of bark were delicious and sweet while the inner meat lacked the same depth of flavor and smoke.

The pork was tender and tasted very fresh, and there were salty and smoky notes throughout.  Spiced Right provided three slight variations of barbecue sauce -- smooth, mild, and hot -- and all better resembled a Kansas City-style thick tomato based sauce than the heavier vinegar concentrated sauce that is typically served in the south.  I knew that I would enjoy the Hot variation the most when I saw red chili flakes suspended throughout the bottle.

Although I barely made a dent in my aggressive order, my consumption at the restaurant didn't correlate to my enjoyment of this experience.  I thought the Spiced Right team did a very good job with the meal and I wanted to walk around back to discuss with Bo regarding his approach to smoking barbecue.  Bo gladly walked me through the smokehouse to show off the two Southern Pride smokers.  He provided some pointers to smoking meat, advice that I am sure he takes to heart considering he's been mastering his trade at Spiced Right for the past 15 years,  I was glad to get insight from the man behind the delicious outer crust and tender ribs and pulled pork that I had just ate.

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