Monday, February 8, 2010

Slopes BBQ (5/10) - 200 Johnson Ferry Rd, Atlanta, GA 30328

Slopes BBQ is a Georgia-based barbecue joint thats been franchised  at six unique locations across the greater Atlanta area.  After my less than stellar experience at the Old Hickory House, I searched for a nearby Slopes restaurant and was relieved to find that one of the locations was a few miles down the street.  Although the restaurant stood on the corner of a strip mall, it had the sight and smell of a legitimate barbecue joint and I was ready to rebound with a plate of ribs and chopped pork.

As I waited for my food, I took a quick tour of the place and tried to take in what seemed to be an endless assortment of piggy-esque decorations.  I grabbed a bottle of the hot barbecue sauce and tasted a few squirts.  The sauce tasted exactly like spicy Coke.  I asked the waitress if Coke was a major componant in the recipe and she retorted that I was mental.  To ensure that a kid hadn't tampered with this bottle, I grabbed a second one and the flavor was indeed identical.  Although there has to be an explanation for the similarity in flavors, the taste of Coke was unmistakable and it was not doing it for me.  This was a rare occasion where I'd opt for the regular traditional barbecue sauce to complement my meal.

The pork was moist, but it unfortunately lacked a solid hickory smoked flavor that I had expected based on the wonderful smell in the restaurant.  The fried okra was the exact same that I've tried at basically every barbecue restaurant in the city. Whoever distributes these frozen bags of breaded okra must be making a killing around these parts.

The ribs were fairly well cooked but lacked any bark or solid smoke (just like the pork) that I had anticipated.  My biggest disappointment with Slope's ribs however had more to do with the composition of the ribs.  50% of each blade was an inferior cartilage filled rib tip -- the picture to the right illustrates how each of my ribs split in half.  I definitely prefer meatier ribs with a greater contribution coming from the rib meat.

In retrospect, the meal was fine but none of the components excited me enough to warrant a return visit.  The team that ran this location was extremely nice and I was pleased to see that I shared similar political views with management when it comes to the UN.  This was the second best bumper sticker I've seen yet.

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