Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pig-N-Chik BBQ (5/10) - 5071 Peachtree Rd, Chamblee, GA 30341

M-Th: 10:30a-10p
F-Sa: 10:30a-11p
Su: 11a-10p
(p) 770.451.1112

A purveyor of the Barbecue Map recently commented that throughout my recent travels, I had yet to try the best pulled pork in the area at Pig-N-Chik BBQ.  Considering that I live approximately three miles from the nearest location (three total in the greater Atlanta area -- original located on Roswell Rd inside the perimeter), I shot up Peachtree this week for a plate of this revered barbecue.  The joint was packed full of Atlanta-based sports decorations, predominantly professional but also a few high school jerseys/flags were spattered throughout, instead of patrons (but it was also later than the typical lunch crowd).  Additionally, there were advertisements to inform customers that the Pig-N-Chik hosts Team Trivia and Texas Hold'em Nights on Monday and Tuesday nights, respectively, for those looking for a wild night out on the town (if your town is Chamblee/Ashford Dunwoody).

I was packing a pretty aggressive appetite this afternoon so I ordered the two meat plate -- my hand was subconsciously forced to order the pork and chicken since the place is called the Pig-N-Chik (plus the bird and pig head logo is legit) -- with sides of mac and cheese and a non-mustard based potato salad.  Since I was given the option for how my chicken was served, I opted for dark meat as it typically contains most moisture after a long smoke.  While I waited for my meal, I sampled each sauce to determine which one I'd apply the most generously to my food if need be.   Between the sweet sauce, the mustard-based sauce, and the spicier vinegar & pepper-based variety (pictured left to right), I ultimately decided that the spicier, although it was a bit too thin and vinegary, suited my mood best.    

I initially pushed the chicken to the side to get after the pulled pork, and I was pleased to recognize that I received a decent combination/ratio of outside bark to inside goodness in my serving.  The pork had a decently strong smoked flavor, but I ultimately decided to give it a decent size bath of the spicier sauce to take it up a notch.  I then transitioned my attention over the quarter chicken and was initially very pleased by the flavor of the bird.  Smoke had fully penetrated the dish, but I quickly found that the bird started tasting a bit too greasy for my liking as it sat on my plate.  The drumstick was also bit overcooked and dry.

The meal worked fairly well but for my money, I'd rather drive down the road and eat at the Old Brick Pit for barbecue that tasted a little fresher if my memory serves correct.  Even though I didn't love this meal during my only experience at Pig-N-Chik, I can understand why others from Atlanta are seriously infatuated with the pulled pork as it was the highlight of my lunch.  If any of you are stuck at home or not in the mood for the crowds during Poker or Team Trivia, Pig-N-Chik might deliver to your house if you have a hankering for barbecue.

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  1. I have always loved Pig-n-Chik's Pulled Pork. Smoky, tangy, moist, shoulder meat. Yum! Enough bark to make you wanna bite. Great three sauces to mix things up a little.

    The fries and redneck nachos (fries with fixins!)are very good too. I'd recommend the Brunswick Stew, the Slaw and Potato Salad as sides if you don't do fries. They should grill the bread, however. I don't understand why they don't - heck, a Waffle House does that. LOL!

    Out of the dozens of BBQ joints I've now been to in ATL and surrounding areas, Pig-n-Chik is in my top 5, and depending on the dish, top 3. I doubt you'll be disappointed.


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