Saturday, March 13, 2010

Speedi-Pig Barbecue (6/10) - 715 Glynn St S, Fayetteville, GA 30214

Su: Closed
M-Sa: Opens at 11a
(p) 770.719.2720

I was hoping the Speedi-Pig would be a breathe of fresh air after the subpar experience at Melears Barbecue up the street.  The indirect smoker out front provided the sense of comfort I  was hoping for as I continued on my barbecue tour.  As I approached the restaurant I took notice of signs that littered the parking lot advertising a $0.99 Piglet sandwich, an option I presumed would be similar to a slider.

I took a seat at the counter and broke into conversation with the waitstaff -- a pair of middle aged women who had worked at Speedi-Pig for the past seventeen years.  Not surprisingly, they suggested I order the Piglet especially considering that this was my third meal in the past couple hours.  They explained that the Piglet was a limited option originally to be available in February -- due to the recent recession, Speedi-Pig kept it on the menu indefinitely to help their customers afford the barbecue.  Although I had envisioned a scaled down sandwich, the Piglet was actually an incredible value.  The meat was piled high and was comparable in size to most sandwiches I have tried across the South.  The pork was smoky and most importantly, served sans sauce.  When I told the waitresses that I thought their hotter variety of barbecue sauce was fairly tame, they came back with a tiny plastic cup of their Hotter Than Hell sauce.  The sauce definitely bit my tongue, but was a wonderful complement for the sandwich.  I was extremely impressed that they offered this for $0.99 -- definitely the best value I've seen to date. As I finished my Piglet, a woman and child came in and ordered 7 of them.

The ribs on the other hand appeared as if they had been braised and glazed in sauce too long throughout the tail end of the smoking process.    The presence of a smoky flavor in the ribs had been washed away by the strong concentration of barbecue sauce applied.  The meat pulled really easily off the bones, a slight disappointment considering I prefer to be able to slightly tug the meat off each blade.  As I finished my meal, I was offered a sample of the Brunswick stew, a sign that the women took pride in the product.  It was one of the better Brunswick stews I have had in the state.  On a return visit, I'd load up on Piglets and a bowl of stew and not waste my appetite on the ribs.  The staff was also extremely friendly and made this trip an even better experience.

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