Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dinosaur Barbecue (9/10) - 646 West 131st St., New York, NY 10027

M–Th: 11:30a-11p
F-Sa: 11:30a-12a
Su: 12p-10p 


A recent trip up to NYC provided the perfect opportunity for me to make a return visit to one of my favorite barbecue outfits in the country, Dinosaur Barbecue (originally from upstate NY -- Syracuse).  A friend and I rented bikes at 10th St and the West Side Highway and rode our way up along the Hudson River making a pitstop at Tom's Restaurant before reaching our supposed final destination at Dinosaur Barbecue.  Our only dilemma is that we began our journey a bit too early in the day and barbecue wasn't to be served for at least a half hour.  We had another meal/brunch planned so we had to postpone this barbecue adventure for the next 24 hours.

The next morning I awoke with purpose, and one (not myself typically) needs some motivation to get uptown up to 125th-130th street when there seems to be an unlimited amount of alternatives in such closer proximity in Manhattan.  The 1 train dropped me off literally a block away from Dinosaur Barbecue so the effort to get door to door was quite minimal.  My bloody mary, pork sandwich, and ribs were all exceptional.  The pulled pork tasted like the best batch of home-smoked pork shoulder I could ever dream of making, and the slowly smoked (15+ hours) ribs highlighted Dinosaur Barbecue's great rub flavor and subtle wood smoked flavor.

My appetite was completely nonexistent by the time I had 3 ribs remaining but I still couldn't slow myself down to save some leftovers.  By the time my bill came, I had devoured whatever rib meat was remaining and I couldn't decipher between whether I was exceptionally proud of my appetite, excited by haven just eaten a great meal, or embarrassed by how gluttonous I had become over my barbecue sabbatical.  Luckily for my health, I decided that this would be one of the final destinations on my barbecue tour.

**  Please note that Dinosaur Barbecue carries a fairly impressive and eclectic draught beer menu.

** Also note that I'm moving to NYC in a week and plan on eating at Dino at least 1x a month.  Hence, one could argue that I can never escape my undying love for barbecue.

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  1. Like the new post Berns! A satisfying ending to a long adventure. Gooo meat!

  2. 15+ hour smoked ribs? They'd be nothing but burnt meat remnants and bone.

    Drop me a note when you move to the city. I'd love to talk BBQ with you.


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