Friday, September 9, 2011

Bachelor Party Itinerary

In a few days, a group of friends and I will be piling in a RV sporting our 3rd Degree Tanktops dominating some barbecue as we make our way from Dallas to Austin to New Orleans to Memphis before finally settling down in Oxford, MS for the UGA at Ole Miss game. With so much going down over that week, its hard to point what I'm most excited about.

City Market in Luling
Shiner Brewery
Lockhart, TX BBQ
Trying Franklin, Louie Mueller and Coopers in Llano for the first time
Having the guys in the caravan direct the 'butcher' at Opies to what meats we want to eat
The Joint in New Orleans
New Orleans
Leatha's in Hattiesburg
Dinner in Memphis
Juke joints in Clarksdale (Po Monkeys and Reds)
Ole Miss and the Grove
Rocking to Night Ranger's Sister Christian

Seriously couldn't be more excited. In all honesty, I really hope the wildfires in Austin have been extinguished and that life wasn't too disrupted down there. I will see for myself soon enough.

Day One Itinerary
Day Two Itinerary
Day Three Itinerary
Day Four Itinerary


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